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With over 10 years of experience, Moonlit understands what it takes to build and launch a product from ground zero. Dozens of teams have trusted Moonlit to build their product and millions have experienced the work.


Knock knock... who's there?

Hello! I'm David McGraw. In 2008, I began my journey on iOS by designing and building games. By 2010, I found myself laid off from Disney and heading back to Kansas. Shortly before my time was up at Disney, I began moonlighting on a Microsoft project called Wonderwall. I've been contracting remotely ever since! I'm entrepreneurial by nature and love helping founders build new consumer products.

User Experience Focused

Building delightful and impactful user experiences is what I love to do. Apps should feel at home on the Apple Platform, which is why I will not use cross-platform libraries. Enhance the experience through the usage of fluid transitions, gestures, and subtle animations. Be detail-oriented and make apps memorable. I'm looking for projects with teams that care deeply about the user experience.

Product-Minded Engineer

While I enjoy code, I see myself as an entrepreneur first. Helping founders get off the runway brings me joy. I look for teams that don't mind being questioned or shown a better way of doing something. Why are we doing that? What if we tried doing this? Do we need to spend months building this or do we need to feel this idea out immediately?

Game Developer

One of the most challenging consumer products one can make is a game. In 2005, I entered the independent scene by helping a small studio working on a role-playing game, Morning's Wrath. Shortly after, I started building my own games on iOS. I built and published Colorflys, which went on to be featured by Apple for over a year. Today, I'm mastering Unreal Engine and working on my 4th game under Frosted Citadel Entertainment.


Before jumping into the world of startups, I served as a Sergeant of U.S. Marines. This time taught me a lot about leadership, adaptability, and adversity. During my tour, including 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom, I spent time with security, supply, food service, and training elements. Marines are known for precise execution, within small teams, that allows us to move fast. That experience serves this environment well.


Hard-earned experience, from years of launching products, provides a wealth of knowledge to assist you in your journey. Take a look through some of the work delivered over the years.


More Projects

I've had opportunities to help companies like AOL, Microsoft, and Bell Canada. If you care about customers and building great user experiences my ears are wide open. I'd love to help.


Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.

Winston Churchill




As a founder, I know how difficult it is to find great people to work with. Please don't hesitate to write if you have a project or you just need advice. I'm here to help!

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